Mothers Day

When is Mothers Day?

By La Luna Sleepwear

Is Mothers Day celebrated on the same day all around the world? Do literally MILLIONS of children rain praise to their mothers all at the same time? When is Mothers Day...really? We set out to find the answer.

Turns out that (unfortunately) there isn't a global gathering of thankful offspring. Mothers Day is celebrated on different dates across many different nations around the world.

For anyone that is curious, we've created a chronological list of nations and the dates that they celebrate.

  • Norway - 2nd Sunday of February
  • Russia - 8 March (inline with International Women's Day)
  • Slovenia - 21 March
  • Portugal & Spain - 1st Sunday of May
  • South Korea - 8 May (Actually Parent's Day *same same*)
  • Mexico - 10 May
  • Australia, Canada, Germany, Jamaica, Samoa, Switzerland, United States (and 69 other nations) - 2nd Sunday of May
  • Mongolia - 1 June
  • Thailand - 12 August
  • Belarus - 14 October
  • Argentina - 3rd Sunday of October
  • North Korea (we thought they only celebrated their Great Leader) - 16 November
  • Indonesia - 22 December




So, let it be known, if by some horrible twist of fate you forget it's Mothers Day you can simply suggest you thought you would celebrate it when another nation is celebrating.  If you're looking for some more colour to help you deflect the mishap why don't you read up on The History of Mothers Day.

At the end of the day, just tell you mum you love and appreciate her. That is all it takes to bring joy to her day.  You could also buy her some bohemian inspired pyjamas...

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by La Luna Sleepwear

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